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Sell your products and services more effectively,
Get higher search engine rankings and more traffic
With Optimized Website Copy!

 It is the written word that does most of the work on a web page. Sure, a good layout is helpful, but a pretty picture will not convince the person looking at your web page to buy your products or services. And a pretty picture will not help your web page to rank high in the search engines. To accomplish both of these tasks you need website copy that is both persuasive and optimized for search engines.

Improving your website's conversion ratio

These days everyone wants to get more traffic to their website. This is understandable, without traffic there is no chance of success. But equally important to getting traffic, is building a website that has the ability to convince visitors to go further and become buyers.

The copy on many websites is written from the perspective of the company offering the product. "We do this....we do that". It is good to explain what your company is all about and explain the features of the products and services that your are offering, but it is also important to remember that people come to your website looking for information or because they are trying to solve a particular problem.

If you really want to sell your product or service you have to turn your copy around and make it customer oriented. You have to emphasize the "benefits" of your products or service rather than the features. Your customer is probably thinking "what's in it for me?" and if your website copy can provide a good answer to this question then your conversion rate will soar.

Another reason why some website's do not convert visitors into buyers is that there is no clear call to action. First you should decide what you want your visitor to do. Do your want her to sign up for your opt-in list? Download your software? Buy your product? This is known as your Most Wanted Response. Your copy must lead your visitor to this point and remind him or her to take this action. No one will get out their credit card to buy something unless you ask her to do it.

Optimizing your website's copy for higher traffic

Many people think that all it takes to optimize a website for good results in search engines is to write some meta tags that are stuffed with keywords. Good meta tags are one part of website optimization. However, if your keywords do not appear in the main text of your web page, then you will not be able to rank high in search engine queries for your keywords, especially if you are in a very competitive field, battling to be seen amongst many long established websites.

If your website is about "electronic widgets" then you need to write a web page that mentions "electronic widgets" in the opening paragraph, in the middle of the document and at the end. In addition your keywords must appear in headlines, in link text and other strategic portions of the web page.

Multiple benefits of optimized website copy

Good, well-written, optimized copy can be used in several ways. This copy will of course be placed on your website and will help to improve your search engine ranking and it will help you to improve your conversion rate. However, you can do a few more things with this copy.

Do you produce a monthly electronic newsletter? If so, then you can use your copy as articles sent to your opt-in mailing list. Informative articles will establish you and your company as an authority in your field and enhance your credibility.

But why stop with your own opt in list? Send your articles to other websites and ezines in your particular field. When your articles are published, with a link back to your website, you will get a new flow of targeted traffic.

Get professional copywriting services

A search engine optimization expert can give you a 600 word article with your keywords strategically placed in the copy, but if the article does not make any sense, then what is the point of it? Several people have told me of their experiences with optimizers who turned out articles that had a lot of keywords, but made no sense to a human reader!

Similarly, a conventional copywriter can give you a well-written article, but if your copywriter uses many synonyms in place of your important keywords, this article will not serve your need to get high rankings in search engine queries.

The best solution is to find someone who has experience in both fields: search engine optimization and copywriting, and start working on building a website that is filled with informative, persuasive, and optimized copy...

And that is where I come in

I have been working as an editor for the past 37 years and have been optimizing websites for the past seven years. If you need optimized copy for your website, articles for your newsletter or for publication in outside ezines and websites, then take advantage of my website copywriting services. I can provide you with well written optimized articles at a price that you can afford. Contact me today

"I am truly grateful for your time and expertise on this project. Superb job on the sales copy and format. Great ideas about the logo and headlines. It is amazing to see the improved visual layout and read the emotional sales copy."

Robert Moment, www.jobsearchrx.com

“Your work is awesome! You are the first copywriter that I have worked with that can take my ideas and proceed to truly “hit the nail on the head”. With you, I feel like all I have to do is hand you the paint and paintbrush and you proceed to magically create one masterpiece after another. Working with you has been a pleasure as not only is your work A+ quality, but you have always been very responsive to our needs and very helpful in not only getting our web pages optimized, but also advising us on how to get our articles published."

Dan Richmond, www.MegaMeeting.com

"Very nice articles... I have been receiving compliments from friends and family about the quality of the content on the site, which you are mainly responsible for. Keep up the good work!"

David Meacham, www.selfimprovementonline.org